The Export Festival CZ 2018 will focus on support in particular for the business within digital economy and trade with of innovative digital products

The export festival 2018 enters this year already in VI. and its contribution to participating companies is growing. In 2017, it has been actively involved in 28 countries around the world.

For Export Festival CZ 2018, the CzechInno Association follows its mission by fostering support in particular for the business within digital economy and trade with of innovative digital products and services and promote international business cooperation with high added value. The basic objectives of the project therefore are:

  1. promote the international business cooperationwhose actors are foreign and Czech companies,
  2. present the achievements of companies active in the field of international trade, with emphasis on the growth of their innovative products and services,
  3. promote the services of institutions in support of exportsand international business cooperation,
  4. enable direct contact between all players engaged in export activities and the exchange of information and best practices in the export field and in international business cooperation,
  5. offer participantsinsight into the art, culture and gastronomyof destinations that can one day become their potential business partners with an attractive supporting program.

The Exports Festival CZ 2018 focuses on the promotion of traditional and also dynamically developing branches of Czech industry and on the interconnection of Czech companies with relevant foreign partners, in the field of mutual exchange of products and services in the field of digital innovations.

Preferred subject areas are:

  • Information and communication technologies
  • Education in the area of ​​digital competence
  • Electrotechnical industry
  • Robotics and cybernetics
  • Artificial intelligence and its use in industry
  • Data analyst
  • Cyber ​​security
  • Consultation focused on the development of digital economy and digital competencies of companies
  • Other related industries and business

About Festival Export Cz 2017:

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