Reactions to the Export Festival 2016 were very good

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Prague, 23. 6. 2016: From 15 -16. 6. 2016. Prague Fairground Křižík`s pavilions hosted the fourth edition of the successful event called Export Festival 2016 to promote and develop export and international business cooperation. Within the exhibition program, series of lectures and B2B meetings presented here more than 80 exhibitors from 33 countries. The participants of the Festival had a unique opportunity to learn more about cultural customs and cuisine of each country. The Export Festival 2016 was prologued by the President Milos Zeman, along with the Minister of Industry and Trade Jan Mládek, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Martin Tlapa and CEO of the Czech Export Bank Karel Bures. Reactions to this year’s Export Festival were more than favorable.

On 15th and 16th June 2016 in the Křižík´s pavilions there was held the fourth year of a successful event titled Export Festival 2016, whose aim was to support Czech companies in the establishment of international business cooperation.

This export-oriented event, which was held with the support of President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman in the context of corporate presentations, lectures and B2B meetings was attended by more than 80 subjects from 33 countries. In two days it was visited by more than 700 participants, who could acquire the latest information relevant for export and international trade, advices and contacts essential for successful export, immediate business opportunities and insight into an art and gastronomy of individual continents. Responses to the Export Festival 2016 were more than favorable. Here are some of them:

Doc. Ing. Pavel Švejda, PhD., FEng., a member of the Governing Board of the Association CzechInno adds to the Export Festival 2016: “I had the honor to launch on behalf of the Association CzechInno this year’s 4th annual Export Festival and to welcome the President of Czech Republic Milos Zeman, Minister of Industry and Trade Jan Mládek, Deputy foreign Minister Martin Tlapa, Ambassadors of the participating countries and other participants in this important event to support export.
I was pleased that this year’s festival is again attended by President Milos Zeman. He first accepted offer to be a patron of the festival. In his opening speech he addressed domestic and foreign exhibitors and other participants. He commented on the macroeconomic and microeconomic context of export and also on rate of our currency, the Czech Crown (CZK).
What was very beneficial, was a meeting of President Zeman with some participants of the festival, representatives of exhibiting companies, the rector and three ambassadors from countries that participated in all four Export Festivals in the years 2013 -2016.

As the traditional CzechInno partner in organizing the Export Festival we are very pleased to watch the development of this annual event that promotes international trade and raising awareness about business conditions prevailing in various countries outside the European Union. The Festival is unique for its atmosphere consisting of a mosaic of economic and business information, but also culinary and cultural perceptions, which is an excellent backdrop for the exchange of information, informal meetings and cooperation between the business community, employees of organizations for exports and international cooperation promotion, foreign diplomats and domestic politicians.” commented a participant of the festival Petr Hladik of the Enterprise Europe Network.

We have been supporting The Export Festival since its first edition, because it is an event that very effectively promotes international trade, helping to mobilize Czech companies for exporting to new territories and the Czech Export Bank plays the role of state-supported financing for the Czech exporters.” commented the participation of the Czech Export Bank on the project CEO Karel Bures.

Karel Havlicek, Chairman of the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Small traders adds: “It was the best Export Festival. Great event where diplomats, businessmen, ministers and all those who represent the Czech Republic have a chance to meet at the international yard. I like that it’s not just about praising, but that sometimes there are sharp discussions about the concept of our export policy, steps of Czech Nation Bank or the barriers and penalties on foreign markets. Though think myself as a supporter of the weak crown, this time I have to agree with the president’s words that the undervalued exchange rate leads to laziness of exporters. I just hope it will not get confirmed in the future.

I’m glad we could work together on the event promoting international cooperation, such as the Export Festival. The results of applied research projects, which TA CR gives its support, are internationally applicable and help the Czech Republic to significantly generate further investments with a high added value, both from the Czech and also foreign companies. Moreover they possess vast potential for export. That’s why TA CR helps researchers to apply the results of research and development, among others, via a project called “Promotion of export of research and development,” says regarding an involvement in the project chairman of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic Petr Ocko.

As an international factoring company focused on export financing, we decided to be where the export promotion not only talks but can be on-site and negotiate business cooperation. And this is what the Export Festival enables us with its concept and diverse range of participating countries and companies, “says Peter Pištěk, Business Manager at Bibby Financial Services.
We will support the Festival as the main financial partner also in the upcoming years” adds Peter Pištěk.

 “It was our first experience with this kind of event, so we were rather curious about what awaits us rather than to have any expectations.
We were pleasantly surprised how the whole event took place and what we got. We have to say that anyone who visited the Export Festival, found something interesting for himself. For me it’s definitely new business partners and new contacts that will help us in overseas markets. For colleagues I can say that tasting food and drinks from around the world, were such that icing of the event. We are looking forward to next year” says Lukas Vlcek ARCgroup, s. r. o.

Festival participants could taste all presented products, plus get to know about its history, production and curiosities right from the experts from Rumako.
I greatly appreciate that we could be part of the Export Festival and add something by our presence and introduce our company to all the participants, which imports mainly exclusive Oliver & Oliver rums from the Dominican Republic and other fine liquors from the whole world. We are also pleased that due to the large positive response, excellence of our products is confirmed and we look forward to the next meeting of similar events” Ing. Jan Končel – Premium Customer Relationship Manager.
Two Brewing Company Sales, Ltd. adds: “We went to the Export Festival 2016 with no expectations of possible positive results, but after the first few hours of participation the expectation turned into the working enthusiasm. Organization, participants and responsive behavior of partners were very professional and each participant was very open to discussion and the subsequent potential cooperation. For Two Tales Brewing Ltd. we evaluate the event as very successful thanks to creating new partnerships.

When we signed up for Export Festival 2016, we didn’t know what to expect from that as a software company. We knew that there will be a possibility to get interesting contacts for the development of our business, but we were a little worried that we do not belong here and the action is intended rather to exporters of beer and wine. The result of our participation in the Festival was very satisfying. We got new business partners, potential customers and a lot of advices related to export. We can therefore recommend this to IT companies as well and we will definitely take part in this event next year “said Martina Rosenkrancová of X-Center, Ltd.

Thank you for the opportunity to attend the Export Festival. Similar event is necessary for us .I thnk that the Czech Republic should seek its own export efforts“says Jan Sova of Workswell Company Ltd.

By participating in the Export Festival, I gained access to exclusive international contacts who we can immediately develop further cooperation with” says the representative of the main project partner Legal Services Richard Gürlich. “Therefore I recommend to attend to all who are interested in expanding their business beyond the borders of the Czech Republic, Europe and into the whole world.

The Export Festival 2016 was attended during the two days by more than 700 participants from a total of 48 countries around the world. Next year’s Export Festival 2017 is scheduled for 14th to 15th June 2017.

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