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CzechInno association aims to introduce not only the business but also the wider public with the issue of innovation in the Czech Republic and also wants to communicate possible future developments in this area. Before we can talk about the future priorities in the field of innovation it is very important to know what characterizes and influences the long-term economic growth in the Czech Republic.

In connection with the transformation of the economy over two decades found three areas of natural problems, which in the past were (and still are) the driving force behind our economic growth, but is now becoming a problem due to the inability to adapt dynamically developing economic development.

3 problems of the current economy

Weak domestic sector companies

Czech companies in many cases are not able to straighten the final contact foreign customers, always do so with the assistance of other foreign companies.

CR as efficient assembly hall

The vast majority of companies in the Czech Republic has its competitive advantage based on increasing production efficiency and reducing costs – is too small importance of innovation.
The Czech Republic has a large share of companies with foreign participation

The consequence of that fact is that innovative approaches and technologies are transferred to the Czech Republic only partially – major technological approaches remain the parent companies.

The above described problems are the natural state of the transformation of the Czech economy. The most significant consequence for the present the aforementioned problem is that the Czech domestic enterprises is difficult to develop independently, respectively. compete (established foreign companies) in demanding markets and to enter new markets, in terms of both product and territorial, outside the above framework.
This fact is further strengthened by a smaller amount and worse conditions for cooperation between companies and institutions engaged in research and development (the only R & D), which leads to lower overall development potential of the knowledge economy.
The Czech economy is now at a stage when gradually losing its advantage in price competitiveness. Therefore, domestic companies must “CHANGE and focus” on innovation and the transfer of sophisticated technologies. In this context it is very important part of the Association of Czech Inno, whose main task is to help businesses to “change, and focus on innovation.”

The future of the Czech economy

Czech economy as a whole must build and develop the new factors of competitiveness, and to succeed in the global marketplace.

In connection with the transition to a knowledge economy will increase the importance of:
innovative companies

Companies that are able to compete on the market not only price, but particularly unique characteristics and high quality of its products and services.

domestic firms

These companies must be competitive internationally, ie., Must be able to find new opportunities in global markets.

foreign investment

Transforms the nature of investments – will be very important innovative investment

Source: Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu

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