Speech of President of the Czech Republic at the occasion of opening of Export Festival CZ 2016
Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you for the invitation to Export Festival and let me in a short, approximately five-hour speech explain some of my views on the so-called policy of economic diplomacy.
Export Festival CZ 2016 just finished
Prague, 16. 6. 2016: Between 15th – 16th June 2016, in Křižíkovy pavilions of Prague Exhbition Centre Holešovice took place the fourth annual event of presentation, information and contacting event focused on support of exports and international business cooperation entitled Export Festival CZ 2016.
The Export Festival CZ 2016: the unique event to promote international cooperation starts in three weeks
Prague, 23. 5. 2016: The fourth year of successful presentation, information and contact action promoting international trade and export – The Export Festival CZ 2016 –  will take place on 15 – 16. 6. 2016 in Prague Holešovice – Křižíkovy Pavilony.
The Export Festival 2016 begins in 2 months!
Prague, 19.4.2016: On 14. and 15.6. Prague will host the fourth edition of a unique event to support exports and international trade cooperation named The Export Festival CZ. Except the traditional series of lectures about the latest information from the area of promotion of international trade, the participants will have the opportunity to effectively find their business partners from all participating countries in the framework of an organized series of business meetings – B2B Event.
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