The basic objectives of the project therefore is promote the international business cooperation whose actors are foreign and Czech companies.


The festival’s objectives

The Export Festival CZ 2018 aims at supporting companies in the international trade cooperation and providing current information and contacts that are needed for succesful export. By this way are also presented trade and cultural practices of individual export destinations.

The previous years of the Export Festival CZ

Interest in the Export Festival CZ increases every year. In 2013, it the Festival was attended by almost 250 participants from 8 countries, in 2014 by more than 600 participants from 18 countries. In 2015,  nearly 800 participants from 35 countries attended the 3rd edition of the Festival. The participants had the opportunity to listen to lectures by more than 60 speakers, visited the exposition of nearly 80 exhibitors and they also realized there more than 150 bilateral trade negotiations.

The Export Festival CZ 2018

Within the Export Festival CZ we support the export of innovative products and services, including the promotion of international trade cooperation with high added value. The basic objectives of the project include the following activities:

  • To support bilateral international trade cooperation between Czech and foreign companies
  • Presentation of companies active in the field of international trade, with emphasis on exporting their innovative products and services
  • Promotion of institution´s services to support export and international bilateral business cooperation
  • To enable direct contact between all people involved in export activities together including the exchange of information and best practices in export and international business cooperation
  • To offer insight into the art, culture and gastronomy of destinations that can one day become potential business partners.

Target audience

The Export Festival CZ is intended for Czech and foreing exporters and companies with the potential to expand from the Czech Republic abroad as well as from abroad into Czech Republic.

Secondary target audience:

  • Institutions aimed at promoting exports and the internationalization of businesses
  • Successful exporters and companies that have successfully internationalized their business
  • Foreign companies with the potential for cooperation with Czech partners
  • Organizations bringing together small and medium-sized firms and business support networks

The participating companies in the project will gain plenty of valuable information and contacts needed especially for the successful implementation of international activities.

Territorial focus of the Festival

Export Festival CZ 2018 is focused mainly on the cooperation with non-traditional territories, listed in the Export Strategy of the Czech Republic or having a high potential of international trade cooperation with the Czech Republic.

Geographical places of interest of the Project are:

  • Eastern markets and Post-Soviet states
  • Far East
  • Latin America
  • Northern, Equatorial and Southern Africa
  • Europe and Middle East

Concerning its sectoral orientation, Export Festival CZ 2018 focuses to promote traditional and also dynamically growing branches of the Czech industry and to link both the Czech as well as foreign enterprises with their relevant partners.

Preferred sectoral fields are:

  • Engineering and aerospace industry
  • Energy and Environmental technologies
  • Electrical engineering and optics
  • Information and telecommunications technology
  • Chemical, food, brewing and spirits industry
  • Nanotechnology
  • Transport, Building and Real Estate
  • Finance
  • Trade and Services

Added value of the Export Festival 2018

  • Current information that is important for export and international trade
  • Instant new business opportunities through networking within the festival and for registered candidates also within matchmaking meetings with specific partners according to their own preferences – B2B meetings !!!
  • Networking with high added value
  • Consulting and contacts important for succesful export
  • Teritorial information (presentation of participating embassies and joint chambers of commerce with the possibility of obtaining direct contacts to foreign business partners)
  • Sectoral information  – presentations at the expositions of Czech and foreign enterprises Enterprise Section
  • The opportunity to present own company within the event with a maximum of partners, such as government, business representations, both active and potential exporters and trading partners, in the heart of Europe – Prague
  • To learn about art and gastronomy  of the continents within the accompanying program

All of this in one place in Prague as a part of Export Festival CZ 2018.



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