Come to Smart Export Forum 2020 Japan and Asian Tigers to see how it is currently working with digital innovations in companies, universities and research in Japan and Asian Tigers and vice versa in the Czech Republic.



2020 Praha

Hotel Olympik Artemis

Export-Import Support – Contact Sharing – Japan and Asian Tigers

Take the opportunity to work with new partners in digital innovation in business and education! Personal contact is irreplaceable. 

The main event of the project, Smart Export Forum 2020, focuses on Japan and Asian Tigers.


  • To innovative Czech SMEs that work or are interested in working with digital-based innovations.
    • First of all, we would like to invite the SMEs to the Smart Export Forum 2020. We offer them up-to-date information such as how to use public support for their international business activities. In addition, they can use examples of good practice in this area and the possibility of establishing new international contacts that will strengthen their international presence and boost their competitiveness.
  • To czech and foreign institutions aimed at supporting the export and internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises.
    • We will help them disseminate the information needed for successful export and internationalization, thus increasing the competitiveness of both active and potential participants in international trade relations. It is about the state institution as well as the embassy with authority for the Czech Republic.
  • To foreign companies, schools and research organizations with experience or with the potential to cooperate with Czech partners.
    • Their involvement is necessary for the sharing of good practice and for immediate contact between potential business partners from Central Europe and the focus territory. It can be both foreign importers looking for a Czech distributor, investors or people interested in Czech investments or educational or research organizations with experience or interest in co-operation in applied research.


  • Contact with these stakeholders will be either through the embassies of their home countries for the Czech Republic or in cooperation with the Smart Export Hub Forums and the members of the Central European Platform for Digital Innovation.
  • To organizations that bring together entrepreneurs and business support networks.
    • The aim of their involvement in the project is to raise awareness of the added value of international business cooperation, especially with the focus area, as well as professional co-operation through their lectures and expert workshop moderation.

What will your participation in the Smart Export Hub bring?

Sharing of good practices, information exchange, matchmaking and networking between the Czech Republic and the territory of Japan and Asian Tigers.


  1. up-to-date information from the government sector in the participating countries on strategic support for the development of digital innovations and the current possibilities for public support to fund mutual co-operation (morning support strategy)
  2. exchange of up-to-date information and examples of good practice from companies, schools and scientific research institutions in the development and implementation of digital innovations and related applied research (Innovation Good Practice)
  3. effective exchange of contacts and direct contact between all actors of export activities to each other and exchange of information and best practices in the field of export and international business cooperation (matchmaking Smart B2B Event)
  4. a preview of the art, culture and gastronomy of the countries involved in the form of a social program (Social Evenings Smart Export Hub Forum).
General expert partner
Media expert partners
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