Partnership opportunities

The CzechInno Association is the creator of a unique support system of the Czech innovative entrepreneurship that permeates all of our projects. We help companies that participate in our projects to gain maximum of this system to grow their businesses.

In the frame of the project Visionaries we search outstanding innovative achievements in Czech business with significant technological, social and / or economic benefit.

As part of the Smart Business Festival we introduce these and other innovative achievements the general public and with their help we promote an innovative attitude to business.

In the project „The Export Festival CZ” we support the internationalization of Czech innovative business and international business cooperation of Czech companies especially with partners from non-traditional, but very attractive territories.

In the frame of the project InnoNet, which is a part of all our projects, our partners meet with companies interested in innovation and information in the field of innovation processes.

We involve you in all our projects and activities!

We will present and promote your products or services to thousands of entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic at the biggest events to support entrepreneurs!

This way you can expand the network of your business and professional contacts!

We will increase exposure for your company and you will also gain new business contacts acting on hundreds of top decision-makers of the Czech Republic!

You will be seen as a subject conductive to innovation and a dynamic business environment by the public institutions and the general public!

You will have access to databases of the Association!

We will prepare an individual communications plan activities for you!

You will be associated with well-known media projects that help people to realize a significant with their business activities!

You will discuss with key personalities of the Czech Republic in a narrow range of personalities!

You will participate in the transformation of the Czech Republic in the field of innovation!

Modern branding affiliation with the apolitical institution CzechInno, which realizes projects in the field of innovation!

Contact us and we will prepare a partnership for you that will have a positive effect for your business!

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Main expert partners
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