Střešovice depot, operated by the Public Transport Company of Prague, located in the eastern part of Střešovice, near the border with Hradcany, near the intersection of streets and Patočkova Cukrovarnická. December 12, 1991 was declared a cultural monument, from September 1992 no longer serves its normal operation, there is the Museum of public transport and center contractual rides.

Under the plan approved in December 1906 during the construction of a tram line through Letna should build a depot in the street U Letna Water and track her to lead the Letna Square Coronation Street. Depot building was impeded by one of the land owners, who demanded too high a price. June 9, 1907 and was opened just a stretch on Letna Square, built detour to the depot remained blind. The City Council has recommended to buy the cheapest of the other of selected land near the line under consideration, only problem was that it was located in a restricted perimeter c. And k. Artillery laboratory. Project tram depot in Stresovice approved by the Ministry of Railways July 4, 1908, construction was completed September 1, 1909 and the operation was launched October 24, 1909, when it was extended for a tram line from the station grinder, which ended on 21 November 1908.


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