In Prague today took place the first ever Smart business festival

CzechInno Association in cooperation with its partners today organized in Prague Střešovice depot first year Smart Business Festival, which is a festival event to promote smart solutions in business. More Neza presented their recipes for clever companies’ financing, resource savings, digital marketing solutions, smart and efficient HR services and logistics. The event was attended by nearly 300 participants mainly from the ranks of Czech SMEs.

His foreword event was opened by members of the Governing Board of the Association CzechInno Pavel Švejda that the entire Festival started saying: “Smart translated means” bright, fresh, bright, crisp and clever “- we wish the participants of our festival that exactly was their own business, to which we want to contribute and that our actions. Our aim is to enable them to find the most diverse exchange information about new solutions and offset the participating companies closer to the ideal of innovative entrepreneurship. ”

Among the speakers who Smart Business Festival started, there was also the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry in charge of managing Section of EU Funds, research, development and innovation, and investment incentives Tomas Novotny, the whole event commented, “MIT, the Czech government and the European Union consider supporting small SMEs and innovation a top priority. Among a number of areas to facilitate business, we see as the key role of financial support and incentives through MIT wants to promote innovative entrepreneurship. ”

European Commission was represented by the head of its representation in the Czech Republic Jan Michal: “This event promotes innovative thinking in small and medium-sized companies – as these have enormous potential for innovation, but do not use it enough, which is a shame and should be to encourage,” he said in his introductory speech. “I am glad that the Czech Republic held an event like the Smart Business Festival, because in my opinion, could revive some innovation in firms evoke,” noted Jan Michal.

Technology Centre of the Academy of Sciences as the bearer of the Enterprise Europe Network and also one of the main partners of the Festival event was opened by network coordinator Petr Hladik, who said: “I thank the association CzechInno for organizing this Festival as well as the creativity with which accesses versatile forms of support small and medium-sized enterprises. Our net on them regularly participates in and connects them with their other activities, which develops nowadays in more than 60 countries around the world. ”

Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises was represented by Vice-Chairman of its Board of Directors and both the government commissioner for cooperation with the European Space Agency Karel Dobes. “Our association has for a long time, next year it will be 15 years, supporting small and medium business in the Czech Republic it is therefore natural that a partner is participating in the Smart Business Festival. We believe that SMEs are the bearers of predatory called. Narušitelské innovation, which is the engine of growth, and we would like to help its share. ”

The program block Business Economics presented the Commercial Bank, represented by Jan Hanus, Ministry of Industry and Trade, represented by the Director of Support Department financial instruments Peter Ocko, Intellectual Property Office represented by its Vice-Chairman Joseph Dvornák and Redeggs company, represented by Jan Lamser. Block focused on the description of innovative financing instruments for the company in the form of non-subsidy support and the use of financial instruments such as state and European Commission supported loans, guarantees and investment incentives, support activities of companies in the field of industrial property rights as a potential source of income of the company and integrated payment instruments such as a new form contact the company with the banking world.

In block Effective human resources were represented Fond continuing education represented an expert guarantor of the project internships in companies Vršníkem Zdenek, Czech Society for Quality, for which he presented Danuse Fišerová and companies Profima Effective represented by its managing director Jane Márová. The presenters agreed that smart solutions in the field of HR are those that help us to flexibly provide human resources for the implementation of their activities, for which it is necessary in HR to develop and apply the company’s plans for its development.

The panel Savings sources presented their ideas on clever business Zdenek Rudolský, co-founder of Impact Hub, which offers startups shared workspace and support seminars and lectures, George Kůs, owner nanoSPACE and chairman of the Association nanotechnology industry Czech Republic, who presented the visionary possibilities for savings resources through nanotechnology, managing director of ELKO EP Jiri Konecny, who presented his system of smart energy savings through the use of the principle of the internet of things and smart homes / smart offices and executive and founder 3Dsimo David Paškevič which participants approached the latest in hand-held 3D printing, respectively. 3D writing, drawing, cutting or soldering via a 3D pen, which the company developed.

Block Digital Solutions marketing representative hosted O2 Czech Republic Martin Dolejš, lecturer Samsung Electronics Czech and Slovak Švihlík ​​Francis, a representative of IBM Czech Republic Pavel Hrabina, executive director George Pilnáčka, representative of MEDIAN Joseph Fiser and Daniel Lupinskeho of NetDirect. Participants Smart Business Festival in him learn how they can target their marketing campaigns precisely in form and content to the target group of their clients to manage marketing companies in the cloud, efficiently build corporate e-shop or even eg. As its small and medium-sized the company from the regions to promote tourism through the portal using the latest technology terrain mapping.

The last block called Smart Services and Logistics then approached the possibility of using the services provided by the Regional Chamber of Commerce of South Moravia, which, through its director Peter Kostik offered the possibility to use the new space for offices and research facilities companies in the park and in BIOLOGY PARK Brno, network EuroCollectNet, which offers an aggregated service law firms in more than … countries around the world and was represented by lawyer Tomas Rašovským, company managers ACCON & Partners provides its clients with combined and thus efficient multidisciplinary consultancy and represented by Veronika Hynková portal Agent angel who has ambitions to become new Czech “eBay for services” and which was presented by Veronika Rolincová or DFC system, which provides businesses with comprehensive fleet management and was represented by Vaclav briefly.

The entire day was well blended program on the exposure of the Smart Business Festival, where participants were able to place the presentation of more than 30 exhibitors clever solutions and services to experience and learn more about them. The accompanying program lacked show molecular catering or Italian coffee is served from street Piaggia. The program culminated in the announcement of the tipping competition, from which two lucky winners took gifts from the prime technology partner events – Samsung, the Střešovice depot was then dispatched for departing participants historic tram.

More information about the program of events including all presentations and photo galleries are available

CzechInno is a nonprofit association of legal entities set up to support the Czech business. It is a traditional promoter and organizer of the competition visionaries, whose goal is to annually reward innovative achievements in the Czech business and organizer of the show and contact information for export titled Festival Export CZ. 2015 also working on a new project called Smart Business Festival – Festival of smart business.
This project was carried out under the auspices of the Minister of Industry and Trade Jan Mládek and is included in the European Week of SMEs in 2015 under the auspices of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs. The main financial expert partner event has become the Commercial Bank, the main technological partner Samsung Electronics Czech and Slovak, the other main partners are the Technology Centre of the Academy of Sciences as a coordinator of the Enterprise Europe Network Czech Republic, the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts CZ, Science and Technology Parks CR Association of innovative entrepreneurship, Czech society for quality and the Association for Internet development. The media partners were Regie Radio Music worth broadcast stations Frequency 1, Evropa 2, Radio ZET / BBC, Empresa Media, the publisher of the magazine Week provider of TV Barrandov, Marketing Sales Media and monthly Trade News, TOUCH business, Tiscali Media, Czech information Agency and Innovative entrepreneurship and technology transfer. Information about the association’s activities CzechInno and its projects are available on
Media Contact: David Kratochvil, MBA – Chairman of the Board of Management Association CzechInno, 774,220,272

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