Vizionáři 2016

CzechInno announced this year, the fifth edition of its project Visionaries this year under the title “Visionaries 2015 ‘. The project is aimed at supporting the innovative potential of Czech companies and aims to help commercialize innovative products while increasing the competitiveness of companies.

Motto of the project:
We show that Czech firms have between them Visionary!

Objectives of the project Visionaries 2015
Imagine and appreciate the majority Czech companies and entrepreneurs specific authors of innovative products (product, process or service), so-called. Visionary, through which the company responds to the current economic development and significantly increases its konkurenceschopnost.Sdílet innovative best practices and measures to promote competitiveness across the business prostředím.Popularizovat results of research and development as an innovation in the narrow sense and new approaches, ideas and intentions in business as an innovation in a broader sense, through nationwide médií.Pomoci these visionaries in the further development of business in order to effectively commercializing their innovations.

Criteria for participation in the project
Project participants may become Czech companies and entrepreneurs (or company where the majority owners are Czech entities) with innovative potential and ability to respond to changing market and its potřeby.Firmy / entrepreneurs (natural or legal persons) that operate in the Czech Republic in accordance with applicable laws and are not insolvent under Act no. 182/2006 Coll., (Insolvency Act) .Firmy / entrepreneurs, launched an innovative product that meets the definition of innovative product and has been applied in practice, or presented effective measures to promote the competitiveness of its company or sector in which firms do business winning project will decide within predefined methodological rules jury of project partners, academic and research institutions, government representatives and innovative entrepreneurship.

Successful adept should meet at least one of the following characteristics:
Creating an entirely new business that has not been anyone else vytvořen.Vytváří completely new framework for existing innovation – it is a way to use the invention or discovery of a different way for a different purpose. For example, the Internet, which was originally only a military project, is currently the most successful commercial project světa.Vytváří, or discovering new market model. Napříkladkosmetické company currently zaměřujína seniors because they care for the elderly is one of the fastest growing trhů.Dalším decisive criterion for the inclusion of participants in the project is a personal dimension and added value of a particular person or group of people within the company come up with innovations and extends the capability the company forward.

The winner is chosen by an expert jury consisting of representatives from the project partners, academic and research institutions, government representatives and innovative entrepreneurship.

Receiving nominations companies in the project runs until November 20, 2015 through the online
located here.If you have any questions about the project? Check with us!
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